10 Practical Applications for Using the Portable MurphyBooth™

By December 22, 2020December 30th, 2020Ergonomic Desk
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An ergonomic desk that is highly portable like MurphyBooth™ is one way to create an office anytime, anywhere. It’s excellent for people on the go, and it allows you to network and complete any projects you have space to set up this ergonomic desk. We’re going to go over 10 practical applications for using the MurphyBooth™ below. This way, you’ll be able to review all of its benefits and understand its invaluable use cases.

1. Set up a Mobile Office

Maybe you don’t have a dedicated office space around your home, and it’s too noisy or crowded to work productively. If so, this ergonomic desk makes it easy to go to your favorite coffee spot, set it up, and adjust it to the correct height to allow you to enclose yourself at a table. The walls and ceiling enclosure have soundproofing qualities that can help cut through the din. Additionally, the enclosed design allows you to keep your work confidential for anyone that goes by when you’re in the zone. When you finish for the day, you can break it down, pack it up, and go back to your home with little muss or fuss.

2. Work from Home

Remote working is big this year to try and keep people healthy, but you still have to do your part on projects, timelines, and everything else in between to make your workflow run smoothly. This ergonomic desk allows you to work from home with minimal distractions. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a dedicated office space to lock yourself away in, and it folds up neatly when you don’t need it to help you save space. Since it’s adjustable, you can easily choose a corner of your home and get your space ready to go in time for your morning meetings or phone calls.

3. Protect Private Information

Finally; you can use the design of this desk to create a very private environment that helps you protect all of your private information. Maybe you work with sensitive documents, or you’re involved in patient care. Whatever the reason, this desk will give you peace of mind while ensuring no data leaks.

4. Complete Schoolwork

Many children are doing all or the majority of their schoolwork from home this year, with no end in sight going into 2021. This includes daily classes, five days a week, with homework. Trying to get your kids to sit down and pay attention can be stressful, and this is especially true in busy households. The MurphyBooth™ ergonomic desk will give your kids a dedicated study area where they can attend class, participate in discussions, ask questions, and finish their schoolwork without any distractions. You can set it up in multiple spaces around the house, too, and this adds to the flexibility factor that comes with using it.

5. Scheduling Conference Calls

It’s extremely important that your entire work team stays organized and on task when they work from home. It can be difficult to hear and participate in conference calls from home. Kids, pets, and general chaos can distract you and anyone you’re on a call with, and this doesn’t look good to your employers. MurphyBooth™ lets you easily enclose a space to perform all of your work meetings and calls. You get enclosed on the top and on three sides to help block noise, and it uses sound-absorbing materials to keep your work space distraction free.

6. Dedicated Study Area

It’s important that your kids stay updated with their studies, but there are so many potential distractions at home that can make studying difficult. This ergonomic desk lets you pick an area in your home and create a dedicated study area. Since it blocks noise and the view from three sides, this gives your child a quiet space to sit and concentrate on their work. It’s especially helpful if they have a big test coming up that they have to study for, and you can block off times to use it if you have multiple kids.

7. Craft Space

Maybe you want to relax and unwind doing your favorite crafts, but you’re not sure where to set up. This ergonomic desk gives you more than enough space to section off an area of your table or a corner of your room. It’s great for making gifts for people since it blocks the view on the sides and the top. With the noise reduced, you’ll be able to work in peace, relax, and unwind. You could even leave it set up and keep your area ready to go wherever you need it.

8. Reading Nook

Finding a relaxing and quiet space to sit down and read your favorite books can be a challenge when everyone is home. However, you can use this ergonomic desk to create a nice reading nook for yourself or someone in your family. All you have to do is slide it up to a table or other surface, get a comfortable chair, crack open your book, and get lost in the story.

9. Sensory Corner

Maybe you have a special needs child who needs a quiet area to sit and decompress with sensory toys. The ergonomic desk from MurphyBooth™ is great for smaller areas. You can leave it set up between uses and allow your child to customize it any way they see fit. This will give them a nice space to go to when they get overwhelmed or they need time just to sit quietly.

10. Team Collaborations for Projects

Working on large-scale projects can be a time-consuming process for everyone involved, and you should have a dedicated space to keep all of your items organized. This desk will allow you to work on projects for days at a time, and you can easily keep in touch with your team while blocking out the world.

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