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Is there a problem with space in your office or classroom? Maybe you would like to have an area where your staff can go to work on time-sensitive projects, or you want a testing area for your students. If putting in traditional cubicles or offices isn’t possible, MurphyBooth™ is a great alternative to keep in mind.

If you’ve never heard of MurphyBooth™, you’re in luck. These office pods are the perfect solution for any school or business that is tight on space and has a more limited budget. You get high-quality office pods that will help fulfill your needs and create a more balanced and happy space.

1. Privacy

Sooner or later, you’re going to need more privacy than a traditional office setting offers, including cubicles. Maybe you’re going to work with very sensitive information, high-profile clients, or you’re someone who needs a quieter environment to concentrate and hit your goals. MurphyBooth™ can help solve all of these problems, and they’re portable enough that you can set them up around your current workspace without disrupting the flow of the space or getting in the way of your coworkers.

There is a sound-deadening material coating MurphyBooth™ office pods, and it helps to keep ambient noise out so you can concentrate. Additionally, the design of this pod means that you get coverage around your back, sides, and it even goes up over your head to put you in a semi-enclosed space. It makes it hard for anyone to see what you’re working on, and this is great for anyone who is working with documents or information that is highly sensitive. You can slide them right up to your desk to give your coworkers space to walk around you too.

2. Dedicated Quiet Areas

Offices can be very loud, especially if your company instituted an open office policy. While this is a great opportunity to encourage teamwork, it can wreak havoc on your workers’ ability to concentrate. When you get multiple people on conference calls, over zoom, or discussing projects, the sound can easily carry from wherever they are out to you. If you’re someone who doesn’t work well with a lot of noise, this can make it very difficult to stay on task and keep your deadlines in order. In turn, you could start to fall behind and blow your deadlines.

MurphyBooth™ office pods enclose you when you slide them up to your desk. This alone can help absorb a lot of the sound floating around you. However, they also come with sound-deadening material on each wall and on the top. This provides another layer to help stop the sounds from reaching you, and you can enclose yourself while working to block the noise and distractions out. It works well for schools, too, for kids who have trouble concentrating with a lot of noise. You could set up a small pod for kids who need it quiet to take tests.

3. Flexibility

If you get a traditional cubicle, you get a set office layout that is very difficult to rearrange or change as your needs change. You could find yourself shuffling your workers around to make room for more employees, or you could easily run out of space and end up with cramped areas. This can be very frustrating to your employees because they’re sitting on top of one another, and all are trying to complete their tasks at the same time. The noise levels can go up, productivity can fall, and you can be stuck because you can’t rearrange anything.

With MurphyBooth™, you get much bigger flexibility because they’re very portable. They fold flat to make storage easy when you’re not using them. Additionally, they’re a great way to section off tables into individual work areas. These office pods will also slide right up to the table, and this allows you to keep walkways clear so your employees can move around each other without having to interrupt them. You could even take them with you when you travel to conferences to create dedicated spaces to work or take calls without them taking up a lot of space.

4. Prevent Germ Spread

No matter how hard you try, cold and flu season usually wreaks havoc on schools and offices. It’s even more important to take measures to prevent germ spread now with COVID-19 around. You can take steps with normal cubicles or offices to help lower the chances of spreading germs, but it’s still difficult to stop multiple people from getting sick. Most cubicles don’t come with an antibacterial coating on them, and it’s easy for your employees to touch something and go to different cubicles and touch more surfaces. This is how germs spread around the office.

MurphyBooth™ offers a different way to help prevent the spread of germs. These office pods come covered with an antimicrobial coating on them. This coating helps to eliminate germs and bacteria before they can spread. In turn, your employees or kids at the school have a better chance of staying healthy. This is especially important in schools where there are several kids in a classroom. They can stay in their booths and do their work. Since it pulls right up to the table, it’s harder for anyone to reach over and touch things to continue germ spread.

See if MurphyBooth™ is Right for Your Office or School

If you’re shopping for office pods, try MurphyBooth™. These height-adjustable pods allow you to create flexible working areas in your current space. They have a freestanding design with sturdy metal legs that won’t bend, rust, or corrode. They can easily last for years with repeated use and look as nice as when you first got them.

We invite you to shop around and take a look at MurphyBooth™. When you don’t need them, you can easily fold them up and slide them away for storage. This also makes it easier to transport them as you need, and you’ll get a high-quality and functional product that allows your employees to increase their productivity levels every day.

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