Tips Every Remote Worker Can Use to Help Improve Productivity

By March 5, 2021Office Pods

This past year saw a massive shift to working from home for millions of people throughout the world. Trying to adjust to the new normal and keeping up with your deadlines and projects can be very difficult, especially if you’re someone who never envisioned working from home. However, there are several tips you can take and apply to your situation to help boost your productivity levels and stay on task. We’ll break down the biggest ones below for you.

1. Set a Schedule

Even if you don’t have a dedicated workspace like office pods, it’s essential that you get into the habit of setting a schedule for your workday. When you go into the office, you typically follow a routine. This helps you stay on task and organized throughout the day.

So, it makes sense that setting a schedule will do the same thing when you work remotely. Think about your morning routine before you set a start time and give yourself time to do all of your little rituals. Make time for short breaks throughout the day, including lunch. When the day is done, wrap it up and go do something away from work to unwind.

2. Stay Connected

Depending on the type of work you do; you could still stay connected through virtual team meetings and conference calls. But even if you don’t make a point to join as many of those, make a point to have virtual, regular check-ins with your coworkers.

Take time to start your calls talking about what’s going on in their lives or ask about any big projects they’re currently working on. This will help make up for those dozens of short conversations you have during the day when you work in your regular office pods. This can also help give you a feeling of a more traditional work culture.

3. Set up Office Pods

Ideally, you’ll have a set space where you can perform all of your work-related tasks throughout the day that is away from distractions. However, this may not be possible in smaller houses. This is where office pods come into play.

Office pods give you the privacy you need to make those sensitive calls without taking up a lot of room. You can set your office pods up in the corner of the room to create a makeshift workspace when you need it. When you finish working for the day, you can fold them flat for easy storage.

4. Adjust the Sound

Some people find it extremely difficult to adjust to working remotely because they miss the general sounds of the office, while other people find that the home is too loud. You’ll need to take steps to adjust the sound when you work to help limit distractions.

To do this, you could get a white noise machine if your home is too quiet. Another option is to get earbuds and play music as you work. This also works if it’s too loud and you want to drown the sounds out. Consider purchasing noise-canceling headphones and wearing them to block everything out.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting

Ideally; you’ll have a spot to sit in your home that gets a lot of natural light. This will help keep you awake and energized on sunny days. If you can’t sit by a window, consider the type of lighting you have in your general area.

You want to create a bright working space, whether you’re in office pods or at a table in the corner of your room. Consider getting floor lamps with LED lighting, or you could get desk lamps to put around your area. The goal is to create a bright and productive environment for your workday.

6. Separate Work and Personal Time

This one is difficult because the lines between personal time and work time tend to blur when you’re working from home. However, it’s possible to separate the two. To do so, you start by setting a schedule when you’re available to work.

Ideally, your work schedule will match your normal schedule if you were headed into the office. Try to knock out as many items on your list as possible during these hours. At the end of the day, switch off. Get away from work-related activities and focus on personal time. This could be cooking with the family, hanging out with your partner, or going for a walk. Make clear lines between the two times early, so you don’t burn out.

7. Create a Priority List

What tasks do you have to get done right now? Is there are large project looming with a due date? Maybe you just completed a large project, but you had to push smaller things aside to hit your deadline. Whatever it is, create a priority list once a day.

Put the most pressing items at the top and work your way down in importance. This will give you a clear goal for the day. It can help keep you organized as you work because you can glance and see what’s next to do without having to scramble to find your next task. In turn, you can catch up or even get ahead on projects. It can also help you catch the little things that may slip through your radar when you get busy.

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