Better Remote Working with MurphyBooth™; 7 Use Cases

By February 27, 2021Office Pods
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MurphyBooth™ is a line of soundproof office pods that give you a much greater flexibility in your working environment. They’re very popular with businesses of all types, including people who are now working from home. If you’re wondering about the biggest ways you could use MurphyBooth™, this is for you. We’re going to go over the seven biggest instances, and you can see which ones apply best to your lifestyle. This way, you can easily decide whether or not this is a good fit for your life.

1. Travel

We’ve all been there. You have a deadline, but your job requires you to travel. Once you get to your new location, it can be difficult to find a quiet corner to hole up in and work to hit your set deadline. This scenario can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, especially if you’re in a brand new place.

This is where MurphyBooth™ comes into play. You can easily take these soundproof office pods with you when you travel. They fold flat for easy storage, and they come with a very sturdy build. You can pop them up wherever you need to give yourself an instant private office to work.

2. Block Ambient Noise

This past year forced a lot of people to switch from their traditional office to working from home, and many of these same people didn’t have a dedicated office. During the day, the kids run around the house and make a lot of noise because they’re home too.

MurphyBooth™ lets you set up an office in the corner of virtually any room. There are sound-absorbing materials built into the design, and this stops a lot of noise from leaking through. When you combine it with the enclosed design, it creates a quieter environment that is easier to concentrate on.

3. Open Office

Open offices are very nice for fostering good communication and teamwork, but they’re also very nice for sound to carry. There are no walls or obstructions to stop the sound from reaching you, so this can quickly get very noisy with multiple people working.

Soundproof office pods give you the unique option of still being connected to your coworkers while having a quieter area to work. It’s open enough that people will still come up and ask questions or talk to you, but you’re enclosed enough to help ward off a lot of the noise. In turn, you can concentrate better. Additionally, there are antimicrobial properties on MurphyBooth™ that can help you stay healthy when cold and flu seasons roll around.

4. Test Space

Maybe your kids are at home due to school closures. If so, they have to be able to balance living and attending school in the same space. There are so many more distractions at home, and this is why soundproof office pods can help create a nice balance.

MurphyBooth™ works to enclose your kids in a dedicated space where they can take tests or attend their classes without distraction. It sits all around them and above them with an opening for the table and the computer. They’ll be able to work quickly and quietly, even if you have more than one kid in the same room.

5. Temporary Meeting Room

Maybe you end up in a lot of meetings or conference calls where you need a quieter space for a set amount of time. If so, soundproof office pods are a great way to go about it. You can set it up when you need it and take it back down once you finish your meetings.

Since MurphyBooth™ folds flat, it’s very easy to store when you’re not in meetings. This is important for crowded office spaces or anyone who works from home without a dedicated office. The unique design is also nice for helping you concentrate in meetings since it blocks ambient sounds.

6. Create a Private Environment

Some people work in areas with highly sensitive or encrypted information, and working from home with it adds another layer of stress to the situation. After all, it’s much easier to accidentally leak information if someone walks past when you’re working from home rather than in a secure office or faculty like you would normally work.

MurphyBooth™ features things like sound-deadening material and a more enclosed design that can help you protect your sensitive material. For example, it’s difficult for anyone to walk by and see your workspace without making an effort to lean over the soundproof office pods. You can see them well beforehand and shoo them off. There are also fewer chances of sound traveling when you’re in meetings or talking to your coworkers to people who aren’t supposed to hear it.

7. Collaboration Space

It’s normal for multiple people to work on the same project simultaneously, but it can be very hard to stay on track if you’re sitting in a room in your house and life is going on around you. MurphyBooth™ gives you a dedicated space to sit and collaborate with all of your coworkers on your big projects.

You could easily set it up in the corner of the quietest room in your home before you start your workday. In turn, these soundproof office pods will allow you to take calls, Skype, or use Zoom and all of your other tools without any interruptions. You’ll be able to hit your deadlines and keep everyone on track.

MurphyBooth™ Offers High-Quality Soundproof Office Pods

We have a fantastic line of products that you can use when you work from home or go back to the office. You can scale your pod to fit your area, and it’ll fold neatly out of your way when you finish using it for the day. We invite you to take a look around, compare our products, and see whether or not MurphyBooth™ is a good fit for your situation. If so, you can pick out the one that will help you work anywhere you like.

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