The Future of Office Space – How MurphyBooth™ is Disrupting the Way We Think About Work

By February 17, 2021Privacy Booth
privacy booth

The past year flipped the traditional office space upside down, and many people found themselves working from home in a completely different environment than they did before. Since many homes don’t have dedicated office spaces, this set them looking for new alternatives to set up a quick, private, and dedicated areas to work throughout the day.

This is where a privacy booth came in, and many people gravitated toward them because they were an excellent solution to common problems the new working environment presented. We’re going to outline how MurphyBooth™ is slowly disrupting the way you think about work below.

1. Allows for a Portable Office

Gone are the days of going to your local cafe or flexible workspace to try and complete all of your tasks. While this was a nice option for a lot of people, it presented a host of problems. The main issues with these spaces were the lack of privacy and quiet areas. You can’t take a Zoom call or be on a conference call in the middle of a loud environment. It’s impossible, and it can present security problems for your clients or your company.

MurphyBooth™ allows you to quickly and easily set up a portable workspace at home, in your flexible workspace, or anywhere you need more privacy and a lower noise. Since it’s lightweight and it’ll fold flat, you can quickly pack it into your car to bring it with you. When you get to your chosen area, it’s easy to set up against a table to help block sound and prying eyes. You have coverage around three sides and the top, and this can give you a dedicated working area for all of your projects. When you’re ready to go home for the day, simply fold MurphyBooth™ back up and take it with you.

2. Encourages Productivity

Open floor plans were very popular in offices to help encourage strong team bonds and teamwork. However, they did little to help the concentration levels. It was so easy to get distracted by coworkers walking by or loudly working in the same space. Also, there was nowhere that you could go to lower the noise levels to help you concentrate. In turn, productivity levels for some employees went down. If they were working on a larger project, this puts more stress on the team to pick up their slack.

A privacy booth like MurphyBooth™ changed this. You could still have the open space to work, but you had options to close yourself off a little more so you could concentrate on your work. You’re still present, but the privacy booth helped to deaden sound and allowed you to concentrate much better. Since it blocks your line of sight, you’re not as tempted to join in on conversations or waste time joking around with your coworkers. Instead, you can keep your productivity levels high throughout the workday to help meet your deadlines.

3. Protects Against Germs

In a traditional office, if one person gets sick, there’s a good chance that it can travel throughout the office to every person who had contact with this person. This is especially true in open office spaces or with employees who tend to float between departments during the workday. If a sick employee touches something of yours, and then you touch it, there’s a good chance that their germs would transmit whatever sickness they happen to have to you. If you get a well-made privacy booth, it usually can help protect against this in a few ways.

MurphyBooth™ comes outfitted with antimicrobial materials on the surfaces of the privacy booth. Germs won’t last long once they touch these areas, and this can help stop the transmission of sickness to your staff. It also makes it more challenging for people to lean on your workspace or pick up items on your deck and leave their germs. In turn, you have fewer chances of coming into contact with these germs, and this decreases the chances of one colleague getting everyone else sick. This can help keep your projects on track and protect a business’s bottom line.

4. Makes Better Use of the Space

Maybe you found yourself downsizing your office space to meet your new budget constraints that world events brought on. If so, it can be difficult to find space for all of your employees with all of their desks and dedicated workspaces. A privacy booth can help you address these problems while ensuring that every employee still has a space to work and call their own that they don’t have to share with their coworkers. These booths can also help you give each employee their privacy to work.

MurphyBooth™ is one privacy booth that gives you the flexibility to set up many privacy cubicles right next to one another without leaving any spaces open. Your employee will have coverage on the back, on both sides, and on the top to box them in. They fold up for easy storage between uses, so it’s easy to rearrange the office to suit new additions or free up space if someone finds work elsewhere. This can give you a fluidity that you may not have with a traditional office setup, and it’s one way to ensure that everyone gets a space to work while maximizing the space your office offers.

MurphyBooth™ is the Future of Office Space

MurphyBooth™ is a high-quality office privacy booth that suits both large and small offices. It uses durable materials that have an antimicrobial finish, and it comes equipped with sound-deadening qualities to give your employees a dedicated space to concentrate on their work and stay as productive as possible.

We invite you to take a look at our products and see which one will suit your needs the best. They allow you to work from anywhere in a quiet and private environment. Reach out and get in touch with us if you have any questions.


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