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By January 14, 2021Privacy Booth
privacy booth

MurphyBooth™ is a great alternative to traditional desks or office setups, and it comes with a host of great benefits that can make this privacy booth a versatile and well-used piece of equipment for your home or office. If you’re not sure what MurphyBooth™ is or how it compares to other alternatives, this is for you. Here, we’ll outline a few common benefits that our privacy booth works well for in comparison to what has been traditionally used in past, and current working environments.

Open Office Space

Open offices usually encourage a high range of creativity. Still, they can also be very difficult to work in if you have a time-sensitive project as there are no or very few private desks. You’re either forced to go and try to find a quiet corner to work in, or you may have to leave the space entirely for portions of your work. This can disrupt your working flow, and it’s a good way to fall behind your team or miss out on important information.


If you bring MurphyBooth™ into these open office spaces, you suddenly have a contained area where you can step away and work on your project without leaving entirely. This is particularly useful if you’re collaborating on a big project and need quiet to concentrate on your part. This privacy booth comes with sound-absorbing materials on the walls that will deaden the typical noises you have in an open office plan. It’ll also offer you a degree of privacy if you have sensitive information to look at because it covers you on three sides and the top. Having antimicrobial surfaces also help the office mates being in a safe environment and gives the ability of having the MurphyBooth™  as a shared resource for the office.

Home Office

Unless you have a dedicated home office that you can close the door to and seal yourself away, working from home could be a very big shock to your system. It’s very easy to get distracted at home because it’s a totally different environment to work in, and this can make it hard when you’re rushing to meet deadlines. Also, your privacy levels go down when you don’t have a dedicated office space. Meetings, conference calls, and zoom sessions require a degree of privacy, no matter which business sector you work in.


MurphyBooth™ allows you to set up a neat privacy booth anywhere you have space in your home. Maybe you have a smaller room that can’t fit a traditional desk, but it has a table. All you have to do is slide MurphyBooth™ up to the table, and you’re ready to work. For those who are in very restricted space settings, you can easily set the MurphyBooth™ up in a corner of the room to work. It offers privacy because it encloses you on three sides and the top, and the whole thing features materials that work to absorb sounds and minimize your distractions so you can work uninterrupted at home. Choose the version that offers the optional desk in these instances.

Classroom Desks

Most classrooms have an open plan where every student can see the teacher and the teacher can see everyone. While this is nice for participation, you can start having problems with noise levels and distractions. It’s much harder to get distracted if a kid can’t see their classmates. This is especially important if a student has a learning disability or a mental health issue that prevents them from concentrating as the other kids can. Instead of trying to keep order in your classroom or putting the kids who have trouble focusing in another room, try a privacy booth.


A privacy booth like MurphyBooth™ is highly portable, and it’s easy to set up one at each kid’s desk. You could even set up a small cluster of these spaces for kids who have trouble concentrating due to distractions and noise and let them stay in the classroom with the other kids. The surface of the MurphyBooth™ is antimicrobial, so they can help keep germs low to prevent them from spreading around the classroom too. 

Study Areas

A lot of kids had a big change this year with school in general, and this was at a college level and in elementary, middle, and high school. Kids found themselves having to sit at home for some or all of the days and attend their classes over Zoom sessions. While this wasn’t ideal, it was possible to make it work. Many parents resorted to sitting their kids at the kitchen table or in the family room for the Zoom sessions, but there were plenty of distractions to worry about.


Having a privacy booth in your home like MurphyBooth™ is one way to give your kids a dedicated area to go when they have their Zoom sessions or to study for any tests. They can sit surrounded by MurphyBooth™, and it’ll deaden the sound. Since they can’t see along the sides when they sit down, this minimizes the distractions and lets them focus on what’s going on right ahead of them on the screen.

Why Choose MurphyBooth™ Over Traditional Spaces

This is a very lightweight and portable option that is easy to pick up and take with you. Maybe you have to work remotely, and you don’t have an office, or maybe your kids are falling behind in their classes due to distractions. If this is the case, a portable privacy booth gives you a fast and easy way to set up a space anywhere in your home. It folds flat when you don’t need it to make storage or transport easy.


MurphyBooth™ can also help stop the spread of germs due to the antimicrobial surface, and this is especially important right now. You can scale it to fit any table, and this isn’t possible to do with the traditional alternatives. MurphyBooth™ will work for you, not the other way around.

Shop for a Privacy Booth from MurphyBooth™

If you’re ready to add a high-quality private area to your home or office, shop MurphyBooth™. We have options available to fit your needs, and we’re ready to answer any questions you have. We invite you to look around and see which product will suit your needs the best to give you a portable working space whenever you need it.

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